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We believe that every individual is an artist, in their capacity to sculpt their thoughts, visualise their ideas, and use their imagination to make sense of the world in which they live. Creativity is at the heart of what it is to be human, and the act of creation defines us and our identity. 

Visual Art Centre

Our Visual Arts Centre (VAC) is a creative hub situated in the heart of Cambridge, in a converted parish hall - including:

  • five fully-equipped teaching rooms
  • 3D sculpture room
  • mixed media print room
  • Fine Art studio and Textiles studio
  • an art resource library
  • Sixth Form studio.

This is one learning space where students can further their knowledge and practical skills in an open environment where space is less of a constraint to their artistic ability.

As a creative school, our work is not defined by the boundaries of the subject area. Our students realise that a critical and creative approach to learning happens both in the art studio and in the maths classroom, and that art is just as much a key to understanding materials, processes and concepts in science as it is about expressing personal ideas.

The centre opened in 2008 and is located on Coronation Street, a short walk away from the main Senior School site.