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We are a family of schools in Cambridge, Madingley and Saffron Walden educating pupils aged 1 to 18.

Founded in 1881, our history is part of Cambridge’s rich academic past. Today, our vision and curriculum are firmly focused on the future, as we prepare young people for life in an ever-changing, global and digital world.

Stephen Perse Foundation

A journey from 1 to 18

By recognising our pupils as individuals - with unique hopes, talents and ambitions - we unlock their true potential.

We enjoy learning for its own sake. Our teachers ignite curiosity, encourage critical thinking and creativity. By learning to think for themselves our pupils go on to achieve outstanding results.

But for us, education is not just about grades. It is about strength of character, a sense of social responsibility, learning to innovate, communicate and collaborate. 

Education needs to prepare youngsters for life beyond tests, exams and certificates. Our pupils gain an exceptional skill-set, one that prepares them for life in tomorrow's world. They leave us ready to make their mark and achieve their dreams.

“I can’t imagine a series of schools that could prepare me better for life. The challenges, opportunities and support I’ve had over the years have facilitated an education that was more than fulfilling; it’s been inspirational.”

freya, past pupil