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Through our emphasis on student wellbeing and our creative curriculum, we believe that we
have created a wholly unique sixth form experience.

Life here is all about new challenges, but you'll also get plenty of support and encouragement.

We are a warm and welcoming community - we get to know each student as an individual, helping them make the most of their time in the sixth form. So whether you’re a day student or a boarder, life at the Stephen Perse Sixth Form is stimulating, inclusive, and rewarding.

“The sense of community makes college more than just a great place for study, it’s a great place to socialise and make new friends.”


The sixth form day

Your typical day in the sixth form will be different from your school experience, as you’re expected to take more responsibility for your own time and studies.

Sixth form students are free to come and go from college during the day (as free periods allow), because we recognise that different working patterns suit different people. Boarders may want to study in their rooms, for example, or you may want to use one of our free gym passes for Kelsey Kerridge fitness centre. We have an electronic system you’ll need to use to sign in and out, so we always know who’s on campus.

You’ll work closely with your tutor and subject teachers to ensure that you’re using your free periods in the best way for your individual style of learning. There are facilities to suit everyone; from a quiet, well-equipped library to small study rooms dotted around campus, and from comfy sofas to buzzing coffee-shop style spaces where you can study and enjoy refreshments.

Stephen Perse Sixth Form

Independence and support

We’re here to help set you up for the best possible future, striking the right balance between study time, enrichment activities and leisure time. We want you to do the best you can do while you’re in the sixth form, but we also want you to be able to embrace new opportunities and discover more about yourself along the way.

It can be hard to strike the right balance between academic studies and other interests; everyone needs some leisure time or their mental health can suffer. It can also take a lot of discipline and self-motivation to manage your study time effectively.

That’s why our tutorial system is so important. There’s a great amount of mutual respect between students and tutors; regular tutorial sessions help you keep track of your progress and tackle any challenges you might be facing. You can only perform to the best of your ability if your mental, emotional and physical wellbeing are in great shape, so we put that above all else.

Leadership and responsibility

There are plenty of opportunities to gain leadership experience at the Stephen Perse Sixth Form, from being elected to the Student President Team to running a society or taking the initiative in charity activities and events.

Student president team

Our Student President Team consists of four committees, all run by sixth form students. The team is selected each year through a hustings event and interviews with senior staff. The team raise funds and awareness for charities, promote stewardship of the sixth form, mentor younger pupils across Stephen Perse, and arrange social events. They lead by example within the sixth form community.

CamMUN secretariat

The student secretariat for the annual CamMUN conference are challenged to prepare every aspect of their event, from logistics and travel to policy areas and event promotion. It’s a tough but rewarding responsibility, and past students have hugely valued the experience.

School links

Other opportunities for leadership include teaching and running workshops for younger pupils,
both in Foundation schools and in the local community. This could mean running a lunchtime
club for Senior School pupils, running a sports day at the local primary school, or even teaching
English at North Cambridge Academy as part of our newest school partnership.

"I know it sounds clichéd, but I genuinely feel that community is something that is really good here."

Henriette, student



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