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Here’s some useful information for anyone looking to join our vibrant international
student community here at the Stephen Perse Sixth Form.

Every year, we welcome new Sixth Form students from all over the world. Currently, we have students from over 30 nationalities studying with us, most of whom live in our excellent boarding houses in the heart of Cambridge.

As an international student, you’ll get the same experience at the Stephen Perse Sixth Form as a UK student. 

"Besides amazing exam results, the best thing about Stephen Perse is the welcoming atmosphere, the sense of community and the teachers."

Anastasia, student

 Overseas applicants

An overseas applicant to our Sixth Form is defined as anyone who meets one or more of the following criteria:

  • any student who requires a visa (e.g. Dependent Leave) to reside in the country
  • any student who requires a visa to attend the Sixth Form (e.g. Child Student)
  • any student whose parents/guardians live overseas
  • any student not studying the conventional route of GCSE or IGCSE (including UK students returning from abroad) and for whom a standard offer based on GCSE or IGCSE examination performance would not be possible

Academic requirements

Our academic requirements differ depending on the course being studied. We are looking for
academic potential above all else, and we don’t discriminate based on educational background.

We want young people who love to learn - our creative teachers, inspiring learning environment and welcoming community will do the rest.

What grades do i need?
We’re a high-achieving Sixth Form so most students joining us are predicted top grades in all the subjects they’re planning to study at A Level .
Will I need a reference?
We always ask for a current school report and reference and these are taken into account, together with the entrance tests and interviews.
What level of English do i need?
We expect students to have at least 6.5 in International English Language Testing System
(IELTS) academic writing by the time they join us. You may also need to sit our CEPT English Entrance Test. These can be taken at either the British Council or an Agent’s office in your own country, or in the UK at our Sixth Form.
What if you make me an offer?
Overseas applicants who are awarded a place will be made an unconditional offer. This is
essential for any visa application sponsored by our Sixth Form (see ‘Visa requirements’ section on this page for more details).
Can I request a scholarship?
You may apply for scholarships but you must be able to attend the relevant scholarship
assessment days in Cambridge. Honorary scholarships may also be awarded to overseas
students who are unable to attend the assessments. These will be based on performance in written aptitude tests and interviews.


Parents of students in our Sixth Form who are resident outside the UK currently need to appoint an education guardian for their child in the UK. An education guardian may be a family member, a family friend, a guardianship agency, or another responsible adult based in the UK.

Most overseas parents use a guardianship agency to act as education guardian. The responsibility for choosing an appropriate education guardian rests solely with the parents.On acceptance of an offer of a place in our Sixth Form, parents residing outside the UK must complete an education guardianship form, which provides us with full details of the appointed guardian and the responsibilities they are undertaking.

AEGIS is the authoritative association for inspecting and accrediting guardianship agencies in the UK.

VISA requirements

Our Sixth Form is authorised to recruit students under the Student Visa System.

What you need to do:

1. Apply for your Student Visa under the Child Student Visa category

2. Provide your Certificate of Acceptance to Study (CAS) number, issued by the Stephen Perse Foundation if you are offered a place

3. Provide evidence of your ability to pay for your studies, and to cover living expenses whilst in the UK

4. Provide a letter of permission from your parent or legal guardian, with certified, documented proof of their relationship to you.

For full details of how to apply for a visa, please refer to the UKVI website.

For help on visa applications please see this guide written in Mandarin, published by the UK Border Agency.

If you have any questions, please contact our Admissions team.

Living overseas

We know how difficult it is to live away from home for the first time, especially when you’re in a new country. So what can you expect when you live and board in Cambridge as a Stephen Perse Sixth Form student?




Stephen Perse Sixth Form Boarding