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Our students achieve excellent results year after year, and our leaver destinations represent some of the most exciting opportunities the world has to offer.

We put our students at the heart of everything we do, offering a variety of courses that will suit different learners. Our progressive approach to learning encourages curiosity, creativity and collaboration in all areas. You’ll learn in small classes of 4 to 14 students, led by brilliant, creative staff with a passion for their subject.

We are happy to guide you to the course of study you are best suited to, and we can often tailor
our approach to meet your needs. We offer:
- A Levels
- International Baccalaureate

A Levels or IB?

Are you struggling to decide between A Levels and the International Baccalaureate? It’s a tricky decision and the right choice for you will depend on your learning style, interests, and university and career goals.

We’ve answered a few common questions below to help you compare the two courses. If you’re still not sure, take a closer look at the course content for each and get in touch to discuss your options - we’d be happy to help.

A Levels: Study the subjects you love IB: Breadth and depth

Who should study A Levels?
Those who have strengths and interests in
just a few key areas, those who prefer depth
of study rather than breadth.

Who should study the IB?
The IB is well-received at both UK and
international universities, and offers much
more breadth of study than A Levels as you
study a much wider range of subjects. It will
therefore suit those who have strengths and
interests in a broad range of subjects.

What do you study?
Three or four subjects in most cases.

What do you study?
Six subjects from the IB curriculum alongside
the Theory of Knowledge, an Extended Essay
and CAS, a programme of Creativity, Activity
and Service.
What are the entrance requirements?
You will need IELTS 6.5+ and at least 50
points at GCSE or equivalent.

What are the entrance requirements?
You will need IELTS 6.5+ and at least 50
points at GCSE or equivalent.

How long does it take?
A Levels take two years to complete, starting
in September.

If you require a different programme or wish

to be flexible on timings, please contact our

admissions team to discuss – we may be able to

tailor our programme to you.


Find out more about A Levels.

How long does it take?
IB is a two-year programme of study.

Find out more about the IB.


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