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Spring History Forum

Published on 24/01/17

The annual Cambridge History Forum is coming up on Saturday 4th March with the theme 'Revolutionaries and Revolutions' at Selwyn College. The day runs from 10.00-13.15 and consists of three lectures:

  • 'Russia in 1917' - Prof. Chris Read.

  • 'The Marxist's Model Revolution' - Prof. Robert Tombs.

  • 'The Aftermath and Legacy of the Russian Revolution' - Dr Jonathan Davis.

The lectures are followed by a forum discussion and you can choose to stay for a Buffet Lunch in Selwyn College that can include a tour of the History Faculty.

One lecture £3 on the door, Two or Three lectures £5 on the door, All lectures and lunch £15 (must book in advance) so see for details.

The lectures this year look really interesting and will be especially useful if you study History in L6 as they are directly connected to the IB/A Level content.
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