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Art Scholars visit the Curwen Print Studio

Published on 26/06/24

Year 12 art scholars Frank OM and Phoebe G along with Emma F in Year 10 all had the opportunity to study at the Curwen Print Studio developing and working with new printmaking techniques.

Year 12 student Frank OM said:Year 12 student Frank OM Printmaking Artwork

“Over my four day workshop at the Curwen I had the opportunity to explore and develop my project on nests and transformations in a variety of printmaking media, including collographs, drypoint printing and screen printing. The course was a wonderful experience which has inspired me to consider incorporating printmaking in aspects of my future work and allowed me to manipulate and use my drawings in an entirely new way. I was able to create a large body of work over the week, which has been useful in widening my portfolio for my A Level.”

Working with flowers Phoebe was able to develop her knowledge of screen printing and etching.Year 10 student Phoebe Printmaking Artwork

Year 10 student Emma F said: “I was very lucky to have had the opportunity to explore the experimental printing process of collagraphs. I created a plate constructed of low relief textures such as textured wallpaper and petals/leaves that can pick up an incredible amount of detail. Then I used this plate to produce a variety of intaglio (where the ink lays in lower recesses of the plate) and relief (where the ink lays on the high parts of the plate) prints. This experience has inspired me to experiment with more textures of varying reliefs to create more depth and character in my work.”