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Stepping up: Tips to take you from Year 12 to 13

Published on 04/06/18

Progressing from Year 12 to Year 13 is just as much of a step up as going from secondary school to sixth form college. Students face increasing pressure to study and perform in exams. There are also dilemmas over selecting which subject to drop, and composing the all-important personal statements as part of university applications.

For those looking ahead to the start of Year 13, take a read of these words of wisdom. They will help to ensure you’re prepped for the transition and ready to enjoy your final summer as a Year 12 student.

Use the holidays to your advantage

No one said you had to wait until you were in Year 13 to step up. The summer holidays offer the perfect time to get ahead and prepare. In regards to your progression through Year 13, having a clear idea of where you want to go and what you want to be is certainly worthwhile. Use the summer to set your studies on the right path, entering the new term with motivation and focus. As Which? University puts it:

“Use your free time to look more closely into any degree subjects that you are interested in - not just what studying that area at a degree level involves, but also things like the sort of career path it might lead you to. It's also helpful to start digging into the detail of individual courses offered by different universities. Even courses with the same name will have something different to offer, from the way you'll be taught and assessed to individual module content. Plus there are other options to get your head round, such as whether you want to do a year in industry or spend time abroad as part of your course.”

Many students use this renewed focus to source and fulfil work experience opportunities, as well as complete an initial draft of their personal statement. Others go one step further by preparing their UCAS applications. The January deadline isn’t all that far away after all!

Put your heart and soul into study

Studying on laptopsThe new linear A Level is all about the end of year exam, which means coursework and assignments don’t play such integral roles anymore. To excel in exams however, studying, and knowing the subject inside out is important. Completing homework and assignments offers an ideal opportunity to delve deeper into subject matter giving you the extra boost you need before exam season begins.

Take some lessons in life

Year 13 means stepping up academically to prepare yourself for the path ahead, but preparation counts outside of the classroom too. Whilst those reaping the rewards of part time work will have learned a whole host of life lessons already, broadening your domestic horizons is recommended. It could save a lot of hassle when you’re out living life, fully independent.

And breathe…

It’s all too easy to get carried away with the pace and pressure of Year 13 life. It’s important to remember that the final year at sixth form is there to be enjoyed. Use your time to make memories with friends and realise your goals, not being afraid to ask for help along the way.

Keep stress to a minimum.