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5 Alternative Study Methods That Really Work

Published on 05/11/18

Studying doesn’t have to be boring. Even if you’re learning a core theory for an important exam, you should try to make it fun. Procrastination is a huge problem for students at all stages, but with these alternative study methods you can flip the way you learn on its head, reignite your passion for a particular subject, and even retain information at a quicker rate.

Reward yourself

Reach and reward may not be ‘out there’ as a study method, but it certainly works. How you reward yourself is entirely up to you. Some students are even rewarding themselves with visual treats. Try Written? Kitten!, a website that rewards you with a cute kitten or puppy picture for every 100, 200, 500 or 1,000 words written.

Turn notes into lyrics

Music is a powerful thing. Studies have shown that music can have a wide ranging impact on our ability to learn. Stanford University have led the way in producing research around this topic. Here’s what Vinod Menon, the study's senior author and an associate professor of psychiatry and behavioural sciences, had to say about it:

“In a concert setting, for example, different individuals listen to a piece of music with wandering attention, but at the transition point between movements, their attention is arrested. I’m not sure if the baroque composers would have thought of it in this way, but certainly from a modern neuroscience perspective, our study shows that this is a moment when individual brains respond in a tightly synchronized manner.”

As well as listening to music during study time, getting creative with your notes can make a real difference to just how successfully information is absorbed. Transform your study notes into lyrics using the tune of your favourite song. It’s a great method for remembering dates, names, and numbers. If drawing is more your thing, try turning these facts into works of art to help you remember.

Record your findings

Study methodsTraditionally the writing, reading, re-writing, and re-reading of notes was the go-to study method, but with today’s tech you can use audio recording to your advantage. Recording yourself and playing it back again while you get on with your day is a great way to offload information, clear your mind and start absorbing all over again.

Go digital

You don’t have to tackle memory retrieval on your own. With the right technology you have all you need to get to know a subject inside out. Use the distraction of technology to your advantage by calling on digital flashcards and study apps. There are a variety of applications that capture lectures, make revision fun, help you plan revision time and even test you with quizzes.

Use different accents

Your voice is one of the best study tools you have. If you’re good at accents, or at least willing to try a few dialects out, you can focus your studies in a whole new and hilariously funny way, with excellent results. Adding this fun twist to your schedule will help you see the lighter side of studying, making student stress and anxiety less of an issue.

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