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  • Woman of the Week - Hope Jahren

    Published 04/12/16
    time-100-2016-hope-jahrenHope Jahren is a geochemist, geobiologist, and recent author, with an extensive list of
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  • Woman of the Week- Marian Anderson

    Published 10/11/16
    Marian Anderson was an important figure in the struggle for black musicians to
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  • Woman of the week

    Published 14/10/16
    imageCatherine of Aragon - written by Hattie Bates
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  • Woman of the Week

    Published 03/10/16
    This week's Woman of the Wimageeek is written by Iona MacPherson
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  • Woman of the Week

    Published 22/06/16
    Amandla Stenberg is one of the most influential teenagers of our generation. At the age of 17, she’s most commonly known for being an actress - she played Rue in The Hunger Games - however she is also a musician, writer, and social activist. She speaks openly on social media about issues in the world surrounding race, sexuality, gender, and much more.
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  • Woman of the Week

    Published 15/06/16
    Sophie Germain (by Hattie Bates)
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  • History Share Fair

    Published 17/05/16
    Last week, History Society organised a fair of historical objects belonging to members of the sixth form and some teachers. We had  great range of really interesting objects, from the fairly recent to 1 million years old, and from all over the world, including China, Germany and South Africa. We were amazed by all the incredible artefacts people had at home - thank you for bringing them in! In case you missed it, here's some of what was on show:
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  • History society presents...

    Published 16/05/16
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  • Genetics Talk

    Published 04/05/16
    maxresdefaultThanks to the organisation of the science society, Rhys Jones gave a fascinating talk to a few sixth form students on the ability of scientists to add a fluorescent protein to proteins of biological interest in order to follow its progress through organisms. This technique is used by scientists who don't have access to more expensive Scanning Electron Microscopes to see structures inside cells. It basically consists of cutting a section of a protein that creates the fluorescent glow of jellyfish and pasting it onto the end of the protein that the scientist wants to observe. This can then be easily seen by scientists as it goes through synthesis, transport through the cell, and different functions.
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  • New! Psychopathology Society

    Published 24/04/16
    Psychopathology Society will be running on Wednesdays during lunchtime, anyone and everyone is welcome but it's especially relevant to those going into any kind of caring profession (doctors, nurses, etc). We will start off by discussing mental disorders and what they actually are versus what people commonly see them as, and we will go into both the biological and the psychological theories behind them. We will also be running a blog where we can post about the things we've done, as well as continuing to contribute to the school blog! Writing pieces for both of these blogs can really help you delve into research further in topics that you want to learn more about; everyone chooses their own topic and when they want to write, no commitments or deadlines! The idea is for everyone to have a chance to learn about an aspect of mental health that interests them, and we want everyone to have the opportunity to participate fully, writing about what they enjoyed or putting forward ideas for the next weeks session, everyone's ideas are unique and deserve to be listened to! Everyone is welcome, we hope to see you there!
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  • Film Review- 'Goodbye Lenin!'

    Published 19/04/16
    goodbye-lenin-1From our Foreign Language Film Club, by Dasha Scanlan Oumow
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