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An Interview With Mr Pompeo

Published on 16/05/17

Mr Pompeo reveals his thoughts on the school going co-ed and his love of Swedish music

By Laura H, Cecily W and Megan P

What do you love most about the school?

The food.

When did you first start working here?

I started working here six years ago. 


Er... I don’t know! No. Because I always wanted to be in a VERY good school.

How has the school changed since you first started working here?

Oh no, these questions are too difficult for me! Ummm... Not too much, to be fair, actually... Apart from the last year, probably, when we are starting to get all this new build and starting to look into how the boys will come in. Apart from that very bumpy last year for everybody, (that was a big change) it didn't really change much.

What were you like at school?

What was I like at school? Oh my goodness! I was quite naughty, and I remember my German teacher telling me one day, that she came to school, that she was so upset with me being so naughty in class that she actually dreamt about me. And she was probably thinking of a nightmare rather than a pleasant dream, so yeah I was quite naughty. Also because I was the tallest so everyone could always see me, and my voice was quite low. 

Did you enjoy it?

It was very fun and I enjoyed studying, not everything, but most, yeah.

What did you want to be when you were a student?

A teacher.

What do you love most about your job?

Uhhhh... Being with young people and getting so much from their energy and enthusiasm and always being young myself therefore.

What country would you like to visit the most?

Oh man, Buenos Aires, Argentina. I would like to go and visit Buenos Aires and all of that area up there, Tierra del Fuego.

What do you like to do in your free time?

I do listen to a lot of music. At the moment I’m trying to keep fit and run a lot.

What type of music?

Oh, anything, anything. Especially ABBA.

If you could have any superpower what would it be?

Oh, man, why do you ask those questions?! That’s so difficult! I don’t even have an answer for those things! Oh, yeah, well, I mean travel without having to get on a plane so literally teleporting, that would be fantastic.

What do you think of the school going mixed next year?

It’s fine, I think it’s going to be good for the school and good for the teachers because it will shake things up a bit. It will create an environment that’s a bit more real, like what’s outside of these walls, so I think it’s a good thing.

Do you think the school will be able to keep its character?

Well, that will probably change. Probably the character will change a bit because as soon as you put some boisterous boys in the mix that’s going to be very, very different. But I think us, as teachers, will carry on trying to maintain that way of working, but, yeah, I think it will be good. It will help us.

With thanks to Mr Pompeo