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The Theory of Knowledge course within the IB will help you to develop new ways of thinking and powers of critical analysis, providing an invaluable foundation for life beyond the Sixth Form.

6th Form studentsThe programme is highly prized by university admissions tutors, who believe it equips students for the rigorous academic enquiry of undergraduate courses. 

If you think that sounds a bit dry, think again. Using logic and intuition to piece together a murder investigation is just one of the ways previous students have learned about the process of acquiring knowledge.


To give you a better idea of what you’ll be in for, here are a few of the questions and ideas you might find yourself considering:

  • Is mathematics discovered or invented?
  • Can a lack of emotion be an advantage or a disadvantage in decision-making?
  • Why are some areas of scientific research considered unethical?
  • Is it possible to study other cultures objectively?
  • Why do some cultures have many words for sorry and others none at all?
  • Can machines think?
  • Is morality a fact or an opinion?

"My university interview was pretty much like aToK lesson – a really good argument (discussion)!"