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Mathematics is an important part of the IB diploma. This subject enables you to develop your knowledge and understanding of the concepts and methods we can use to solve problems.

You are probably fully aware that mathematics is to play a vitally important part in your continuing education and in everyday life. The mathematical courses within the IB Diploma encourage you to explore ideas in collaboration with others to help develop mathematical understanding. You will also be required to work independently, to be responsible for your own learning and to produce individual work.

September 2019 saw the introduction of revised courses in mathematics in the IB. These come under the two general headings:

Each of these course choices can be taken at standard level or higher level.

Both Maths options have the graphical display calculator embedded within the course.  Exam questions will be set where there is no algebraic solution to a problem and the use of the calculator is expected. A calculator is essential for all exams within the Applications and Interpretation course, but Analysis and Approaches has a non-calculator paper, as this course has a greater emphasis on rigour and algebraic fluency.

For further details of these different pathways and for greater distinction between the standard and higher courses, please select the icons below.

Mathematics: Applications and Interpretation

6th Form maths

Mathematics: Analysis and Approaches

6th Form maths