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Published on 03/05/16

Do you want to climb Snowdon? A sponsored walk up Snowdon will take place on the 17th-18th June to raise money for Amantani. Amantani is a charity based in Peru that aims to help children access education in rural areas. Children in the most isolated areas of Peru often have to walk up to 8 hours to get to and from school, leaving them exhausted, too tired to learn. Amantani has set set up boarding houses for the children, near their schools so that they can get the most out of their education. The time that they would spend walking to and from school is spent on  "academic support classes, extra-curricular activities, personal development workshops and community outreach projects".
Reinaldo y Juan Jose - Huayllay1

Miss Taylor will explain more about our fundraising and we will be Skyping the organiser of this amazing charity in Friday assembly.

Here's a couple of videos explaining the work they do:

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