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All week day timings are approximate start times and do not include travel time.
aturday timings are meet times.
Last updated 28/04/2017.  


Date Opposition Year Group Venue Leave Time Start Time Games
Tues 2nd Perse U15A Away 3pm 3.30pm Cricket
Wed 3rd Dame Bradbury's U11A+B Away 2.30pm 3.30pm Cricket
Wed 3rd St Mary's U12, U13, U14 Home 4pm 4.20pm Tennis
Fri 5th  Perse U13A-D Away 3pm 3.30pm Cricket
Sat 6th Perse/Felstead U15A At Porson Road 10.30am 11am Cricket
Sat 6th King's Ely U14A+B Away 8.30am 10am Cricket
Tues 9th Perse U14A-C Away 4pm 4.30pm Cricket
Wed 10th Perse U12A-D Away 3pm 3.30pm Cricket
Thurs 11th Athletics U9-U13 At St Faiths 3.30pm 4pm Athletics
Fri 12th St Faiths U13A+B Away 2.30pm 3pm Cricket
Sat 13th WGS Cricket Festival U11, U12, U13A+B   7.30am 9.30am Cricket
Sat 13th Cambs Athletics Champs   At Peterborough All Day All Day Athletics
Mon 15th St Faiths U11A-D Away 3.30pm 4.10pm Cricket
Tues 16th St Faiths U10A+B Away 3.30pm 3.45pm Girls cricket
Tues 16th Dame Bradbury's U10A Home 3.30pm 4.15pm Boys cricket
Wed 17th 10/10 County Cup U11 At St Faiths 1.30pm 2pm Cricket
Wed 17th Dame Bradbury's U10A+B Home 3.30pm 3.45pm Girls cricket
Thurs 18th Perse Prep U9A+B Home 3.30pm 4pm Girls cricket
Fri 19th 15/15 County Cup A13A+B At St Faiths 12.45pm 1.30pm Cricket
Tues 23rd Kwik Cricket Cambridge U11  Parkers Piece 12pm 1pm Cricket
Tues 23rd Dame Bradbury's U9 Home 3.20pm 3.45pm Boys and Girls cricket


Date Opposition Year Group Venue Leave Time Start Time Games
Tues 6th The Leys U15 Away 4pm 4.20pm Aegon Tennis & Friendly
Tues 6th The Leys  U12, U13, U14 Away 4pm 4.20pm Aegon Tennis & Friendly (U13)
Wed 7th Intercricket Tournament U12A+B At Coton 12.20pm 1pm Cricket
Thurs 8th Junior School Sports Day All Junior School   12pm All afternoon Athletics
Sat 10th WGS U12-U15 Away 7.45am TBC Cricket
Sat 10th BGS U10+U11 Away 8.10am 9.30am Tennis
Mon 12th Kwik Cricket Final (TBC) U11 Histon/Impington 12pm 1pm Cricket
Mon 12th Peterborough U13+U15 Home 4pm 4.30pm Aegon Tennis & Friendly
Tues 13th Cambs Athletics Meet U9+U10 At Wilberforce Road 12pm 1pm Athletics
Wed 14th Kwik Cricket Festival U11 Kings Ely 12pm 1.30pm Cricket
Thurs 15th St Faiths U9A+B Away 3.30pm 4pm Girls Cricket
Thurs 15th Intercricket Tournament U14A+B At Coton 12pm 1pm Cricket
Thurs 15th Holmewood Cricket U11 Away 10am 12pm Cricket
Thurs 15th St Mary's U15, U12, U13 Home 4pm 4.30pm Tennis
Fri 16th Intercricket Tournament U13A+B At Coton 12pm 1pm Cricket
Sat 17th Kings Ely U10, U11, U12, U13As Away 8.30am 10am Cricket
Sat 17th Stamford U12+U13 Home 8.30am 10am Tennis
Tues 20th Perse U13 Home 4pm 4.30pm Aegon Tennis & Friendly
Tues 20th Perse U15 Away 4pm 4.30pm Aegon Tennis & Friendly
Wed 21st Perse U12 Away 2.30pm 3pm Tennis
Wed 21st Perse Prep U11A-C Away 3.20pm 4pm Cricket
Thurs 22nd St Johns U9A(+B for girls) Away 3.30pm 4.15pm Boys and Girls cricket
Fri 23rd Perse Prep U10A-C Away 3.30pm 4pm Cricket
Tues 27th Perse U15A+B Away 2.30pm 3.30pm Cricket


Date Opposition Year Group Venue Leave Time Start Time Games
Sat 1st Kate Murley Finals U11 Home 8.30am 9am Tennis
Sat 1st Parent + Daughter/Son Tournament U11/U10 Home 10am 10am Tennis
Thurs 6th Intercricket Finals U12, U13, U14 Clare College All Day TBC Cricket
Wed 12th Senior School Sports Day All SS Wilberforce Road 9am   Athletics