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Our 6th Form College buzzes with enthusiasm, energy and ambition. We want students who share intellectual curiosity and are eager to fulfil their considerable promise.

Every potential student will have a general interview which includes a critical thinking exercise. Students will be asked to read a piece and examine the logic, consistency and persuasiveness of the arguments on either side of a debate.

If a student wishes to study Further Maths or Modern Languages at A Level or higher level Maths or Modern Languages in the International Baccalaurate Diploma, they will be asked to sit an aptitude test in the subject followed by a discussion with the head of department.

An offer of a place at the 6th Form will be conditional on achieving the required results at GCSE or equivalent. Our offers are tailored to individual applicants but, as a guide, we would require a minimum of 70 points at (I)GCSE (counting an A* as 10, A as 8, B as 6 etc).

For the new style GCSEs we score as: 

Grade 9 = 11 points, Grade 8 = 10 points, Grade 7 = 8 points, Grade 6 = 6 points, Grade 5 = 5 points, Grade 4 = 4 points etc.

We require at least an A grade (or Grade 7 in the new system) in any subject they intend to study in the 6th Form where that subject is already being studied at (I)GCSE. This offer is based on the subject choices declared on the application form. Should you later decide to alter the choice of subjects, this will be subject to availability and further aptitude tests may be necessary.

At least a Grade A in the subjects to be studied at A Level or for the IB Diploma is required if you are studying that subject at the moment. A reference are also always requested as may be a current school report.

Scholarship applications 
Scholarships are available in music, art, drama and sport. Academic  scholarships are also available. 

To apply for an academic scholarship complete this form.

To apply for a Stephen Perse Foundation award, a music, drama, art or sport scholarship complete this form.